My final post for PJT 701

31 Oct

Finally, my project is comes to the end. My project is develops the web presence of the Forest and Rural Fire Association of New Zealand committee. This project is based on the course Web 701. I’m so luck that Gavin O’Donnell who is the client need a new website for their organization. He like my website which made in web 701, so he asked me to be the one who continue to improved and beauty the website. This is the reason why I choose this project to be my graduation project, or more accurately, this project is Gavin and my supervisor Todd gave me this chance.
The harvests and the challenges always has been to coexist in the process of the development of the whole project. I also got some silks which I can’t learn in the class and those silks will be my life-changing benefits.
The biggest harvest I got from this project is communication and independent study ability. Communication is the most important skill, and also is the first one which used in the project. The communication for me is two part, one part is listening, and another one is to express the opinion of mine. There are two person I need to do communication work. One is Gavin, and other one is my supervisor Todd. In fact, I done a bad work at first. Chinese education way made me resist communication, I always don’t know how to show my opinions, so it often at the most embarrassing moments. I know the main reason is my English spoken is not good enough to support me to do the job. I want to thank my supervisor Todd, he was always guided me very patiently and try to use the simple words to let me know the mean. My expression ability significantly improved gradually. Form the communication between Given and me, I was learned how to understand customer requirements, I always done a feedback to my customer after our meeting, this also is a good habit which from Todd. Only done a good communication work can complete a customer satisfaction project.
The independent study ability for me is embodied in learned how to use some softwares which I never use before, and solved problem independently. For example, the old logo of FRFANZ website was not suitable to as a logo for the new website. At first I asked my friend whose major is art to designed one for me, but the result unsatisfactory. So that urge me to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator CC to designed one by myself. I found some videos in website to learn how use, this way helped me design an appropriate logo for website, and I also learned another skills. to teach fishing is better than giving him fish, it also teach me learn how to solve problem by yourself is better than to hope other can do a result.
Learned how to use the different kinds of software skilfully and some English ability to be stronger also are the harvests in the process of development. Just like use the main system joomla!, to processing image material with Photoshop and so on. My English written ability also in an essential leap.
The biggest problem I met in the project is time management and some detail skill of use joomla!.
Time management are always been my death. A long time plan will do nothing for me, my timetable changed often. So I met some problem caused by my bed time management which almost made me can’t finish my project. How I overcome this problem? Frist one is the strict requirement from Todd to me, which help to overcome sluggish. Done a short time plan also was an effective method for me.
In the process when I developed my website, sometimes I always would met some problems about the detail skill of joomla! I went to some forum of joomla! To got some information from other, some time I also asked help to my friend.
At last, I need extend my most sincere thanks and pay high tribute to my supervisor Todd and Clare, and also to Given who gave me this chance. Thank you for everyone who helped me in my road. Thank you!


Second meeting

24 Jul

I had a meeting with my supervisor

Frist I talked what I down in past time.

1, first I done the PPT which used for the meeting of Gavin’s organization to introduce this project, and I got the feedback from him, I will acceding his feedback to do some change in the PPT.

  1. My project is in the half way of the progress.

2.1 I done the new website IA design

2.2 The new content of the website I was finished

Then we told about what I should do in next time

  1. finished the modify of my ppt for Gavin’s presentation
  2. Time line Planning
  3. Blog
  4. Project report-outline.

First meeting with my supervisor

27 Jun

This is my first meeting with my supervisor, and before my meeting I got contact with Gavin, and hold a meeting with him in 26th, June. And I done a recoding after I got a permission form Gavin.

After I  hold the meeting with Todd, I will show the main information of our meeting recoding

Purpose of the project is:

Project Development FRFANZ web presence to enable communication in FRFANZ

  1. Work is done in collaboration with FRFANZ committee member Gavin O’Donnell
  2. Meeting with Gavin 26/06/2014.

Next meeting time what we need to do

Agenda is Minutes after the meeting – to record what was said

1.1 Detailed website design

Gavin – needs examples of different styles.

Identify Cost of components – online shop

1.2. Short PPT presentation 5 minutes – difference between website before and after.

1.3. Logo creation, Gavin will choose, 2 or three days

  1. Time management

PPT presentation ready (1/2 the website done for ?)the 25th of July

  1. Start to write the project report this week!
  2. Blog



24 Jun

My project is build a website for Forest and Rural Fire Association of New Zealand Inc. This project is beside on the course WBE 701. Gavin O’Donnell, the owner of this organization who liked my design of the website in last semester, so he asked me to help him built the website for their organization. I’m very happy have this chance to do the website by CMS as my graduating project.

The title of my project

Developing the web presence for the Forestry and Rural Firefighters of New Zealand (FRFANZ)

This project develops the web presence of the Forestry and Rural Firefighters of New Zealand (FRFANZ) committee. Starting from a basic site the project aims to beautify the site, and to add social presence and modern features; To improve communication within FRFANZ committee membership and the public. Those are the Fundamental Project Goal of my project.

I asked Todd to be my supervisor, and I also very happy he can said yes.

This is my plan for my project:

Firstly, a second meeting with Gavin O’Donnell is required for me, as further  communication can offer me his more specific requirements for the website.

Data acquisition will be the second step. The material acquisition and systemize will be an important part for the website, after the website theme and build tool have mastered.

Identifying and developing rich material to make a website full of vivid details that can attract more people to browse.  Next step is design and and planning the website, it include the structure, style, page layout and so on.  After all the preparatory works, i will start to build the the process, strengthen the communication with the customers.  Last step do the maintenance and testing.


Maintenance include:

  1. Servers and related software and hardware maintenance, to the possible problem of the assessment, making the response time.
  2. Database maintenance, effectively use data is the important content of the website maintenance, so for the maintenance of the database to attention.
  3. Content update, adjustment.

Testing includes:

Web site to conduct careful testing before release, to ensure the normal browsing and use. The main test content:

  1. make sure no wrong in the text, image and the video
  2. Program and database test
  3. To check the links in the website have no error.

Those are the basic information of my project.

the link for the YouTube about assignment 3

20 Jun

the places and background song,actor

19 Jun

i changed some places for my video

my story have four parts,there are” Chance meeting””Travel together””Separate travel””Meet again”

I found some inappropriate places in the process of production,so i changed some places.

chance meeting: forgotten city

Travel together:forgotten city,baja norte,innsmauth

Separate travel :   harmany garden

Meet again: alirium

my background song: the first one is 《wind and the kite》,and another one is a Japanese song :<命运の人>

those song all got Through legal channels

the most important one is thank you for Bella to help me.




the problem i met when i make the video

19 Jun

there are 3 main problems i met :

1.the network to show the story

3.the Video Editor

firstly,i can’t use the SL in school,because there are too much people use the network at same time.Unfortunately,the network of my house also can’t meet SL’s need.So maybe the Fluency of my video is not very good.I use many special efficiency to supply the  flaw

second problem i met was how to show the story,let everyone can understand the story after watch the video.i chose use some words to assist the The audiences understand the plot.i think the video should be easier for audiences.

last one is about the video Editor, at start i want to chose the After Effects,but this one is too hard to me to use,because i’m a inexperienced operators for this software. at last i chose the Corel VideoStudio to be my tool.

Corel VideoStudio

is a video editing software package for Microsoft windows  distributed by ulead systems (a division of corel). The latest version of the software is X7. But i chose X5 to be my tool. this software is easier than the AE, but it also can do some similar work to AE.

this 3 problems were the main one when i made the video.



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